Websites vs Facebook

OK so a while back a friend of mine that is on the board of a new team asked me “Should we have a website of a Facebook page. Simple answer is both and more. Lets face is if you want to be a complete team you must connect with your fans, sponsors and local media. You have promote your team to a large audience as well as the hand to hand people that your players know.

We live in a social media age and to maximize your team’s potential you must have a social media presence. On the flip side there a team website is a invaluable tool to connect with the world. Think about this social media allows you fans and supporters to communicate with each other show support and interact with each other. However social media does have some drawbacks. Let’s take Facebook and Instagram for example.

Most teams will have a Facebook page, a Instagram account, and maybe a YouTube account. Given the current setup on these platforms you are limited in presentation and ability. If you want to get some information out to you followers quickly, this work great. But if you want to present persistent data or data that changes slightly over time like a schedule or roster a website might work better. I say that given the setup of Facebook and Instagram. When you post data on these sites it is only in the user eye as long as you leave it at the top. There are ways to make posts stay at the top of a page. When you have a website, you customize the look and feel completely the way you want it. You can keep you schedule or other information at the top of the home page of hid it deep with you site. Ok here is another scenario.

Every team in semipro want to get sponsors, advertiser, donation whatever you want to call them. Depending on your following you can get sponsors to buy a add or get paid to o a product placement on face book or Instagram. This is well and good but from a website standpoint there are different pages where a visitor would spend more time, like stats or roster. You can charge more for advertising on pages where user spend more time. Can’t do that on Facebook, its all one big scrolling page.

Again, with anything this is just my opinion. Basically, what I’m saying is in order to be successful marketing your team you must use all media outlets at your disposal. If you don’t have the skills to use then, you need to learn them quick.

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